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My credit isn't the best. Will I be able to finance?

Everyone is able to finance regardless of credit. Financing through our traditional lender is generally 5% down on approved credit. If you happen to be slightly below the credit requirement for 5% down you can still finance but a higher down payment may be required!

Can people with ITIN finance a home?

Yes, absolutely!!

Are there any programs that don't require a down payment?

Yes! If you happen to own the land where the home is going, you can offer it as collateral and get in with 0% down. Don't own land but have excellent credit? Then you can also get in with 0% down if you have an internal credit score of 750+.

What do I need to be able to finance?

For traditional financing you'll need: to have stable income, proof of the income, have some credit, be able to budget, and have the appropriate down payment.

What if I see a model that I like but don't like certain features in the home?

You as a buyer have the option to fully customize any model that we carry exactly how you like it! Our manufacturer Legacy carries over a 100 different floor plans and over a 1000 different interior combination that you as a buyer can choose from. 

I don't have land to place the home on. Are there other options?

There are many mobile home communities to choose from here in New Mexico. If you don't own land to place the home on, you can go to any mobile home community of your choice. We generally offer free set up and delivery within a 50 mile radius but we can definitely work something out if you're outside the 50 mile scope. 

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